Shining a new light on the mining industry

Solauro's business model focuses on the reclamation and remediation of abandoned mine sites by financing reclamation projects through the economic recovery of metals in historical tailings and mine waste dumps. Tailings are the waste materials left behind after the extraction process of separating minerals from mined ore. Many of these historical projects were mined more than 100 years ago when lack of technology and efficiency resulted in reduced recovery rates for precious and base metals. Advances in technologies have improved recovery rate to as much as 99%. With gold and other precious metals reaching record high prices, utilizing proprietary recovery technologies in processing tailings has become highly lucrative.

The focus in the early stages of Solauro's growth has been targeted specifically in the State of Nevada where, according to the State of Nevada Division of Minerals, there are an estimated 14,000 abandoned mines and approximately 200,000 abandoned mine features from historical mining operations. Nevada is also advantageous for its favorable climate conditions which support the capability for year round operations.

In addition to the processing of tailings, Solauro also performs reclamation and remediation on the abandoned mines, eliminating the hazards that an abandoned mine may cause such as open shafts and other environmental issues.

Solauro will also strategically align itself with alternative energy developers to incorporate alternative energy applications such as wind, solar and geothermal as part of the reclamation process. These applications are easily incorporated as many mines have existing infrastructures which support alternative energy developments. This program will also assist with offsetting costs for reclamation programs as well as providing cleaner energy to communities.