Shining a new light on the mining industry


Solauro Industries Inc. is a privately held company with its head office located in Reno, NV.

Solauro is shining a new light on the mining industry with a unique business model that is focused on the reclamation and remediation of abandoned mine lands throughout the United States.

Solauro's business model finances reclamation and remediation costs of abandoned mine lands through the economic recovery of precious metals in historical tailings and mine waste dumps. Solauro utilizes today's technologies to maximize recovery rates, while solving the problems created by historic mining operations.

Recognizing the importance of a diversified management team, Solauro has assembled an eclectic group of leaders. The Company has brought together expertise which not only comprises top geological, engineering and metallurgical expertise, but also includes top leaders who possess superior skills in developing and executing successful business models that drive profit.

In addition to the remediation and preservation of historical mine sites and other historical landmarks, Solauro is also committed to creating economic development opportunities in rural communicates throughout the United States.