Shining a new light on the mining industry

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Solauro Industries Inc. is committed to ensuring that our actions and the actions of our Joint Venture Partners meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. This simple statement defines the concept of Sustainable Mining.

The mining industry produces energy, metals and minerals that are essential to economic prosperity, and a better quality of life. The fundamental benefits of mining industry products to modern economic and social development and to environmental improvement are important, but equally important are the economic benefits that mining provides to the communities where it is located. These benefits are derived from employment, wages, economic activity due to purchases of goods and services, and from the payment of taxes, royalties and fees to local, state and national governments.

The activity of developing a natural resource, like the creation of any product, may impose costs and impacts on communities and on the environment. It is necessary to accept the very important responsibility of taking these factors into account and taking prudent steps to balance benefits with any adverse impacts that our business may have. It is also important to recognize the responsibility to participate and contribute, along with others who are involved in the mining process, e.g., communities and governments, in a decision making process that allows development to proceed in a way that balances social, economic and environmental considerations.

Solauro recognizes that environmental management and environmental functions are an integral part of our organization's everyday operations and its strategic plan. We understand the environmental implications of business functions, such that environmental issues are considered essential components of business processes, rather than consequences of those processes. Sustainable mining is about planning and carrying out our organisations mission today - with full consideration of the external factors that could affect the achievement of long term goals.

In co-operation with its Joint Venture Partners, Solauro carefully scrutinizes every potential project to ensure certain minimum standards for Sustainable Mining are implemented. Such actions include ensuring adequate budgets for reclamation, environmental compliance and community economic development. As well, Solauro strives to maximize sustainability practices above and beyond any minimal requirements by securing and applying -where possible - innovative, core solutions to grow Solauro into an exemplary role model of sustainability in the mining industry.

Solauro - Shining a new light on the mining industry.